Professor Cornicus

Age 40

A quirky, Anthropologist/Horticulturist. He’s a real Renaissance man who creates, invents, and educates. He speaks many languages and is a cultural expert.


Age 9

The School Mascot

She’s a goofball and prankster with a sassy sense of humor. She likes to write. She’s sharp and observant and loves to make people laugh. 


Age 8

He’s sweet with a dry sense of humor. Very book smart, proper and well mannered he’s really good at science and math.


Age 10

He’s Athletic and graceful with sports but in everyday life he’s a bit of a klutz. He likes biology and history and often states funny random facts.


Age 10

He’s a bit of a smarty pants and mixes up sayings when he describes things. He’s emotionally intelligent and good at reading people he’s talented with art, music and math.  

Goliath (aka Golly)

Age 11

He’s a a funny story teller. He’s outgoing and knows a bit about many subjects. He tries hard to be good at sports and ends up being more intellectually adept.


Age 11

She has her own style of sassy humor and is witty.  She’s talented musically and is well versed in history, literature and music.


Age 10

She’s a nerdy, charismatic leader with a sense of humor that often goes over peoples heads.  She’s well versed in many subjects and really good at math and science but loves music and art

Billie Beet Box

Tour guide of Tastee Town.  Knows all the history and hot spots. Can’t wait to show you around!

Cell Ray

Studying to be a marine biologist.  Local fish and seafood expert

Chef Chewy Louie

Loves to teach everyone about new recipes and how to eat healthy!

Candy Wrapper

Can’t wait to share her sweet knowledge.  Will dance and rap her way into your heart